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VoIP and Virtual PBX app

Published 12/15/2014 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for? is a cloud-based business phone service designed for small business owners and entrepenurs. The VoIP phone service app offers over 40 customizable features and supports a variety of devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers and desk phones.’s main features fall under the following headings: VoIP, 800 Numbers, Vanity Phone Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Phone Numbers, Call Forwarding and Virtual PBX. The app lets you route and forward calls, queue incoming calls, provide hold music and voice mail, as well as call blocking, call forwarding, 3-way calling and more. provides users with a virtual PBX that handles all business phone greetings, menus, routing, extensions, voicemail and more. This features includes local numbers and global numbers, as well as toll free and “vanity” toll free numbers - numbers that correspond to letters, such as 888-582- GOAL. Other advanced features include call scheduling, allowing you to set call routing rules based on the day and time and caller ID, along with call forwarding to multiple locations such as home, office, or any phone worldwide. Other useful business features include conferencing for up to 500 participants, internet fax and group SMS. provides a number of advanced fetaures to compliment all of the expected vistual PBX phone system features. These features make setting up and running your phone system easier, more automated and more efficient. Some clever features include text-to-greeting - a tool that lets you enter text to be transformed to speech in one of 40 automated personalities. Furthermore, you can send “ChatCalls” - personalized recorded messages for birthdays, offers, or anything else. You can screen calls before answering them and while in a call use shortcuts to record calls, transfer them to another line or to voicemail, place on hold, or block calls. screenshot
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What is the history and popularity of the app? was launched in 2006 by a team experienced in the areas of internet marketing and VoIP. The company was founded with a mission to help small business owners get access to the advanced features of enterprise business phone system solutions. The app is designed to help its users to communicate in a way that is flexible and suited to their needs. More than 25, 000 people across America use and the company has been praised for its high level of customer support.

What are the differences to other apps?, although designed for small business owners, does not hold back on features. The app covers all the basic needs of any VoIP and virtual PBX system, but just in case this isn’t enough, there are a wealth of other features and options enabling you to create a more personalized experience that suits the individual needs of your business. The app is just as suitable for mobile users as it is for in-office staff, working seamlessly on multiple devices and offering call forwarding and other features that cater to multiple device types.

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How does the web app look and feel to use? offers a no-frills interface that is clear and straighforward. The interface gives you access to a call log where you can view all incoming calls for any of your lines and access all of the features. In the control panel you can see an overview of your setting, usage and your phone bill. This screen also provides quick access in the form of legible icons to features such as caller analytics, call blocking, call logs, menus, call routing presets, and more. The app should be simple to use for anyone, technically or non-technically minded.

How does the registration process work?

You can access a free trial of from their webiste by clicking on the orange “Free 30-day Trial” button in the centre of the homepage. This will activate a pop-up window which prompts you to enter your name and email address. You then simply click on the “Start Free Trial” button to get started.

What does it cost to use the application? is offered on three different pricing plans. You can use the “Pay Per Minute” option which costs 2.5 - 3.9 cents per minute depending on how many minutes you use. There is also an option for $9.99 per month which includes 100 minutes and 1 number - additional numbers cost $4.99 for 2 to 9 numbers, $3.99 for 10 to 50 numbers, $2.99 for 51 - 100 and $1.99 for 100 plus.

There is also an unlimited plan that costs $19.99 per month per extension (there are set fees for further extensions, for example you can get up to 5 extensions for $23.99 per month) and includes unlimited minutes. Call recording, automated transcription, human transcription caller analytics, international calling, and premium hold music all cost extra per month.

Who would you recommend the application to? is an ideal solution for small businesses who envision growth. The app can be used for free on a pay per minute basis, you can then choose one of the other set plans when your business and number of phone users grow. You can also choose to add on additional advanced features as and when you need them. While some advanced features come at an additional cost, offers a whole load of other advanced features that come with the flat monthly fee, making this a good solution for small businesses looking for an offordable enterprise-like solution.

  • Virtual PBX that includes toll free and local numbers, as well as “vanity” toll free numbers
  • Auto Attendant to automatically route calls, including a menu and call forwarding
  • Rules-based call routing depending on the day and time the call is received
  • HD voice quality call conferencing, internet fax and group chat over SMS
  • Call waiting, call blocking, caller ID, call logs, call notifications, call transfer and call screening
  • Custom music and recorded greetings, after-hours greetings, custom messages and menus
  • Over 40 advanced features such as text-to-greeting, queues, dial-by-name directory, “ChatCalls” and more video

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